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Initial Consultation

Planning your new kitchen and Bar can seem somewhat daunting - we understand. At CatererEquipment our aim is to provide you with ideas and innovation to help your Restaurant and Bar Service to be as successful and profitable as possible, while taking the stress away from our clients. From the first call to completion, the design of their installations is a co-operative process between our Food service consultants, your staff and you.

With a high level of product knowledge and expertise, We will transform your visions into an exciting reality, using state of the art CAD software. With continuous liaison between yourself and or your architects, We will monitor and respond to any changes required in the proposed idea and layout.

We have a huge product range on offer from all the best manufacturers such as Rational, Lincat, Afinox, Victor, Lotus, Inoxtrend and many more

The company ethos has always been to offer the best possible advise and support we can, with only the highest quality of products. We can help you to design the right kitchen, we can help you to choose the right product.

Whether you are simply looking for some advise on a product you have seen on our website, to make sure its right for you, or you are looking for a full Kitchen design service we are here to help.

In House Commercial Kitchen Design and Project Management Service.

we use a state of the art CAD software system that produces our drawing and designs quickly and effectively for you, next we have a lot of experience at creating the right solutions. By focusing very much on our customers needs, to put together the right solution sooner, with continuous liaison with our client or their architects. Finally our solution will always consider the best value, by selecting the most appropriate efficient, cost effective equipment not just from UK, worldwide suppliers of Catering Equipment, Foodservice, Refrigeration, Dishwashing, so that our clients can feel assured that once our designs are approved that they will know that the equipment supplied will deliver optimum top quality results and a consistent Food and Drink product to your customers.

Most of our competitors only offer products distributed from within the UK.   As very few manufacturers actually manufacture here this means that there is very often a restrictive choice on offer from these manufacturers that will have a selective choice supplied and distributed through a UK based subsidiary or from Wholesale importers. CatererEquipment not only offer a more varied product selection we can also very often offer direct from the Factory pricing from manufacturers from a number of countries around the world.

Choosing the Right Products in Our Design

Once our Food Service Consultant fully understands the product and service your Restaurant or Bar intends to deliver to your customers, we use our expertise to carefully select the best possible product choice to ensure that your delivered efficiently, cost effectively, and profitably ensuring that the equipment achieve the best possible and most consistent results for the Food and Drink you are serving.

Design Service covered:

1. Help and advise.

2. Design your layout.

3. Supply drawings with written specifications.

4. Give a full detailed quotation.

5. Provide project management.

6. Installation and commissioning.

7. Provide staff training when required.

8. Provide back up and on going service cover.

Delivering the best Possible

Innovations and Ideas
From CatererEquipment